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I write about strong, gutsy women who make mistakes and have lots of baggage. As the saying goes, and I’ve expanded upon, “Well-behaved women seldom make history—or good novels.”

A lifelong writer and reader, I read everything from Daphne du Maurier to the latest Scandinavian crime writers. My English war bride mom and my artistic army officer dad raised my two siblings and me in ultra conservative New Hampshire during the 1950-60s. Growing up in puritanical New England, I was drawn to the gothic, to secrets, mystery, and the dark side of human nature. As my English mum once said, “You’re a good girl who wants to be bad.” Now I have the perfect conduit for my “bad girl” side—writing noir.

I’ve received an Elizabeth George Foundation grant and the Monticello Award for Fiction. I served as fiction editor at Northwest Review, as a member on the board of directors for Oregon Writers Colony, and was co-founder of the Willamette Writers Speakers Series. My work has appeared in Scent of Cedars: Promising Writers of the Pacific Northwest (Russell Dean & Company) and France, a Love Story (Seal Press/Avalon).

If I were hypnotized and regressed, I probably would have been a psychiatrist or a witch.

A visit from valerie

Let’s plan a visit at your writing luncheon, your book club, or weekend retreat. 

I have classes on writing noir and run professional workshops. Or create your own event that I can attend. I’m available via FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom.

Get in touch with me directly if interested through the contact page.

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