Book ONE in the Angeline Porter Trilogy


Her sister is dead. The FBI, the mob, and a stalker all played a part. Now they’d better watch their backs…

Angeline Porter won’t budge from her convictions. After getting disbarred for breaking the rules to put a criminal away, the former attorney still believes in doling out justice. So when her troubled sibling takes her own life, Angeline’s quest for the truth turns into a frenzied hunt for vengeance.

Caught in a whirlpool of grief, her relentless chase for answers exposes an ugly chain of betrayal, sex, and extortion that puts her head-to-head with powerful mobsters. And with desperation forcing her down morally questionable paths, the driven woman’s only way out may be to unleash her darkest side.

Can she deal out retribution before she loses her grip on reality?

Revenge in 3 Parts is the darkly dramatic first book in The Angeline Porter Trilogy of noir thrillers. If you like renegade heroines, psychological page-turners, and sexy undertones, then you’ll love Valerie J. Brooks’ wickedly wild ride.

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